Monday, August 6, 2012

OK – that was a bit crazy

OK – that was a bit crazy.

I’d been itching to go hunt out some whitewater to paint.  I’d planned a trip into the Sierra foothills to paint the American River.  I was packed to go, but a last minute weather check showed it was going to be almost 100 degrees all week.

I went anyway.

Goes to show just how addictive painting can be. 

Good news is that my plan worked.  I literally stayed wet all day every day.  I just painted standing in the river (being careful not to get washed away).  Once the river started rising so quickly I had to make a mad dash to get out of there and climb back up the cliff I had precariously scrambled down.  The water flow is controlled by a dam release upstream, and the water was rising as it does each day around 10am to accommodate whitewater rafters.

In the end - no heat exhaustion.  I painted dawn to dusk (just breaking for an air-conditioned lunch spot midday), got lost in the painting, and had a great time.

I'll post some paintings from the trip soon ...

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